A little about our Non-Profit Organization. Our club was formed with the intention of preserving a stretch of railbed that had been used by local riders for decades.  We also saw that there was a movement starting in Pennsylvania to expand our community in both areas to ride and the number of riders.

Our current mission is to purchase the Piney Creek railbed, which is appoximately 23.7 miles and spans 7 bridges, it stretches from the Piney Dam area to Brookville where it adjoins the Redbank Valley Trails, a biking and hiking trail, on which motorized vehicles are expressly prohibited. 


We are still in this process and are working with various organizations doing similar work in other areas of our state.  We continue to have fundraisers such as membership/sponsorship drives, apparel sales, and special events that not only add to our financial resources, but also give voice to our cause.  Members/sponsors are an important part of our mission.  Not only do they contribute financially, but they bring experience and exposure for our club and our mission.  As our membership grows, we show sustainability, visibility, and volunteerism.  We have trail maintenance days where we clean up the trail and cut back brush, repair any areas in need and get new projects started.  We have member-only special events to give back to our members for all their support.  The club holds open events every summer to allow non-members to come and check out the trail and get more information about our club.  We are active in our community by assisting in fundraisers, attending parades and holding our own rides for families in need.


We have been a non-profit since 2017 and continue to grow each year.  With the wave of enthusiasm growing in Pennsylvania for this hobby, we feel that this is the best possible time to reach our goals.