SSRTA Rules and Regulations

  1.  All must be state registered with license plate displayed.
  2. All must have liability insurance to receive a permit to ride the trail.
  3. All ATV’s must have and display high on left rear fender a current year Snow Shoe Rails to trails sticker. Snowmobiles should be next to the state sticker.
  4. All operators must wear a securely fastened helmet with goggles or face shield.
  5. To operate an ATV, 8 through 15 years of age, you must possess a DCNR Safety Certificate.
  6. All operators must use a safe and reasonable speed.
  7. Slow Speed Zone (5 miles per hour) are designated in the following locations: All bridges, tunnels, residential areas through Number 10, Gillentown. Speeds should not exceed 20 miles per hour in all other areas.
  8. “Wheels Yield to Heels”--All must slow down when passing or overtaking another trail user.
  9. All motorists must stop when approaching horses, ask the rider when it would be safe and appropriate to continue.
  10. Stay on the trail, stay off adjoining private property.
  11. Refer to PA All Terrain Vehicle Law for all other regulations.
  12. Liability for negligence in the use or operation of an ATV/Snowmobile is attributable to the owner of the ATV/Snowmobile.
  13. All operators should act in a safe and responsible manner.
  14. All fires must be in self contained unit with bottom. Place ashes in designated area. Violators will lose their membership to the SSRTA.
  15. Class one and two maximum weight limits must not exceed 1,800 lbs.

Remember, it is better to be SAFE than Sorry!

Please obey all signs along the trail. They are for your safety as well as the safety of fellow trail users.